In mid-July of 2021, a group of patriotic men and women were asked to join the War Crimes Tribunal in pursuit of justice in a time of crisis, commonly known as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Purpose of the court: To put away the criminals under the lawful government of The United States of America, a Republic, under the Articles of Confederation, brought back to present day under International chain of title.


The participants appointed as judges, were all Continental Army members under oath as Captains, took their International Notary oaths in July and early August in anticipation of service being immanent, due to the revelation of statistics and death counts that were mounting. It was clear that emergency action was needed and the Court was pressed into service in short order. Formalities were set aside in pursuit of justice and the tribunals were underway.



The task expressed was, in the Governments eyes, the single most important thing that needed to happen. It simply could not wait for the slow process courts to take an interest, while daily Americans were dying and injured. It was and is these men and women’s honor and privilege to raise and serve in the Army, and most importantly, to bring the War Crimes Tribunal to fruition, growing pains and all. Over 2000 hours were expended, and not one single participant complained about the failure of the Continental Bank to compensate participants for the time. Not one. These allegations of impropriety and negligence are an insult and a cover for the inept conduct and failure of the officers of the Government of The United States of America to support the organization that they themselves pressed into service.



Judges, with a lull in cases to prosecute, sought evidence of the origin of the court and documentation of the chain of title, as assured by the Government. Documents were provided for review by special prosecutor Christopher Michael Doherty.




Inquiries into bonding of the Judges were at issue, and ultimately refused.



Oaths of the Judges were drafted and waited authentication and acknowledgment.



Inclusion of the Continental Army in the Court’s chain of title was missing, and an amendment was drafted and proposed for the document.



A formal letter was drafted and read into the Continental Army Internal Affairs telegram group and was seen by all General Post Master Council office holders and the Government officials. Howard Frederick Walker III, from the office of the president was the only one to respond to the plea for official documentation.


War Crimes Tribunal – Notice of Withdraw, International Public Notice

Commander VonSpreck and War Crimes Tribunal Judges Expose Keith Edward Livingway’s Chain of Title Fraud to the Government of The United States of America

Commander VonSpreck

BE IT ORDERED to CEASE and DESIST! The honorable men and woman serving to defend the Republic object to the lies, trafficking, theft of time and energy, slavery, death threats, slander, defamation, and character assassinations, made by the conspirators, and

WHEREAS the conspirators are skilled in linguistics and double speak and follow the Marxist ideology, of accusing your advisory of what you yourself are guilty of, also known as projection, and

BE IT ORDERED all affidavits submitted by the conspirators during the ongoing investigation are rendered null and void.

An Introduction:

Commander Von Spreck explains the purpose for the Continental Army

Commander Von Spreck Explains the Disbanding of the War Crimes Tribunal:

Governor, and 'p'resident, Howard Frederick Walker III Deposes Regarding a Government Coup Detat:

Keith Edward Livingway commits treason at 43 minutes.

Keith Edward Livingway and the General Post Masters at the Government of The United States of America, beginning at 24:30.