Evidence of fraud, trafficking, and human rights violations surrounding the Investigation of ‘p’residential coup d’tat:

Fair use under Title 17disclaimer:

Commander Von Spreck Explains the Disbanding of the War Crimes Tribunal:

Review of the International public notice issued by the War Crimes Tribunal at the end of September of 2022.

Governor, and 'p'resident, Howard Frederick Walker III Deposes Under Penalties of Perjury Regarding a Government Coup Detat:

Keith Edward Livingway commits treason at 43 minutes.

0-4 min.- Commander Von Spreck, summary

9:30- Authority relied upon to accept the order to investigate a coup d’etat at TUSA

11min.-Von Spreck on allegations of racism & attacks, after an order by KEL to patrol the streets and use force.

12min.- The president explains what triggered the coup.

15:40 – Bank manager, Continental Public Bank and GPOD 3 testimony, Hawaii accounting, membership fees…

19 min. Scope of audit that the vendor was subjected to

20:20 min. UCD Token and coin talk

29:30 missing money, who has access

32:30 No audit was permitted.

34 min. – Why the Army was called to investigate

45 min. – Value of Crypto, utility, investment, SCAM

57 min. – 1:29:20 Embassy acquisition, cult behavior

Crypto, through 1:54

1:55 doxing, stalking

1:59 president on illegal searches at the Bank/audit

2:00 Interview of president/ vendor, printer@2:07

2:12 Embassy sale, silver sale, through 2:19

2:31 public mocking regards religion

2:33 Crypto/Bank manager affadavit, Daniel Sullivan till 2:57

3:04 Vendor, explains printing of currency, voted on

3:10 KEL paranoia and accusations, shuns liability

3:14 Null and Voided, compelled affidavits

3:15:30 Closing remarks

Keith Edward Livingway and the General Post Masters at the Government of The United States of America issue death threats, beginning at 23:30.

1 minute, recording admissions, Tom & Keith talk openly regularly (again at 6 minutes)

2:30 -30 members left

3:30 Captain Sullivan and Commander discuss behavior of officers at TUSA

9 minutes- Commander on communication with Keith-Edward regards Army and GPMs conduct and records

11:00 No due process in removing Army members. Disregard for chain of command.

12:00 Records review and problems with malfeasance and dereliction of duty by National Assembly members.

15:30 Dan Sullivan affidavit discussion, audit at 17:30, 18:30 accusations of theft

20:15 – What they’ve done. Accuse your adversary of your own crimes.

22:00 – Request for affidavits for prosecution by Commander.

23:55 Death threats, fire bomb the property.

25:50 Threaten harm [Derek and Naomi] because KEL cannot get into his crypto wallet and presumption. (Derek, “…taken out, and their family too.”) KEL is complicit, tolerant! @28:15 Call BLM to attack the Sullivans. @28:38 KEL, “We can cocktail your ass.”

29:30 Many left under duress, threatened, stalked, doxed, and harrassed.

31:30 KEL & Co. build a capstone for their profiteering and tear down Republic structure.

33:30 Dishonor of National ‘Government’, GPMC listings, https://generalpostmastercouncil.net/court-jacket-war-crimes-tribunal/ and https://warcrimestribunal.international/court-jackets/

42:45 KEL railroads Governor and Army members.

47:45 Paper versus practice at TUSA under RoH Trust.

56:30 Slavery, theft of time and energy.

1:00:00 Keith Edward, will stop allowing the states to be raised and counties. He will abscond with them in his private trust.

1:07:00 Residents leave, compromising the ‘Republic’, calling this a cult.

1:11:30 Jay testimony about bowing before the ‘high-priest’ re: joining the Temple.

1:18:30 describing attacks at the Temple.

1:22:00 The Truth Prevails, not hearsay.

1:24:00 KIETH EDWARD LIVINGWAY professes to be an intercessor for Yahweh, who promised changes to a ‘Government’ that was functioning in December 2021; since then, his dictatorial tenancies, lies, presumption, and conjecture prevail across all government venues within his sphere of influence.

Review of national call, 10-3-2022,where resignations were delivered. Listen for perjury and malfeasance.

0-17:30 Exposing government lies, handling of estates, and questionable secret practices at TUSA, Reign of the Heavens, and the Adam and Eve Trust.

20 min.- The Exodus of Army members and voiding of War Crimes Tribunal orders and judgments.

31 minutes- recording, badgering of the Governor and Commander and Chief of the Continental Army, Marshall Rinkenberger, by the Postmaster General, KEL; lead judge of the HRTI, KLL; Treasurer, BAA; Postal employee, William James Wright V;

40 Min- Governor Rinkenberger (and acting Vice President), witnesses to the removal of the slandered and libeled Continental Army members.

44:40 – Post master admits to the fraud of the separation and hierarchy that exists, where you remove the Articles of Confederation, from the people. [the Scott and Anderson family altercation, wherein Brandon claimed a higher status.]

51:26 Min. HRTI judge, Trent Windsley Sailor, makes blind determinations based on gossip and hearsay posted in a government chat.

1:03:20 Revocation of International Notary backdated to a date before our ‘Voluntary Dissolutions’ were written [September 28th]. They agree to use a date of the 5th of September.

1:11:40 – KEL live curses out Ann Redler, Dodson, and Ms. Marinaro.

1:17 – Sergeant Dodson says that this is a dictatorship! Asks for a discharge. Kisses up to government…

1:22 – Naomi asks permission to write on the Sullivans’ house.

1:25:25 Naomi writes a “Fucktard Letter” to government actors in the de facto. It admits that her government trafficked her person back from the offshore trust.

1:37:00 Inciting and soliciting affidavits. Jennifer Ryalls offers a template.

1:41:17 Commander and I discuss res judica, ex post facto, estoppel, and the value of witnesses.

1:45:00 Vice President/Deputy Gov. used their paperwork to form an arbitration committee. KEL opposed it, out of hand, without evidence or assembly discussion, taking PoA over his office.

1:48:00 KEL seeks unjust enrichment. [AVR & JCB article]

0:00 – 19 minutes- Theocracy, appoint/annoint, religious attacks, foreign company LDC, Yesra’el v The United States case, World claim

19 min.-25:00- GPM privilge, Texas v. Brandon argument 25 min.

28 min.- Keith and crowns

35 min.- Temple of YHWH,

39 min. – ROHSociety,

46-59 min.- Deed of Purpose Trust

1 hr. 1 min.- World Government?townships?/ no disclosure

1:05 coup,

1:09 embassy relations,

1:22 Adam & Eve Trust, The mark for Reign natls.,

1:23 LDC reference,

1:28- 2 spheres/govts. Govt protects ROHS,

1:36 slide for removal of Keith’s pres. vote,

1:45 Religious spheres,

1:47 AVR land/air/sea discussion,

2:05 Title treasurer/benef/grantor(not owner),

2:22 Dan on crypto comment/Hawaii

2:29 no audit HI,

Follow-Up on Coup d’tat and Temple Evidence

3:55 International Notice – fake Confederacy and non-existent Congress, oxymoron- re-connecting Chain of Title

6:40 Government of The United States of America gives orders via reign of the heavens world trust, recorded, filed

18:50 Renounce Crowns- king game

24:15 reign of the heavens temple abuse and religious persecution, testimony, and conflicts

1:24 Ignore the BaalPeor; it will be a short season. – KEL

More propheteering…

1:55 Gang stalk Rebecca

2:02 Isreal Anderson quotes and the rebuttal

2:11:30 – 7/18/2022 Keith on race issue; what he said was his idea. Promotes movement against abusers, blacks.

Setting the record straight…

1:50- Accusation- build an Army against DC- FALSE

6:30 – Accusation- No records/unreadable (46:30), Commander is untrained, Commander wanted engage racists- FALSE

35:00 min – changes after KEL says he wants to do something else in December 2021 on a national call.

36:30 Characterization of leadership, continue review of communication/Army records.

46:30 min. Army records, website history

52:00 Website error/set-up,

59:10 Old websites were disclosed on Pacer, then the sites went down.

1:02:10 – ASSERTION of original claims to Continenental Army, et al. FALSE Witness the establishment clause.

1:04:05 – Cease and Desist all illegal activities and remove all signatures from judgement and orders.

1:07:30 – Notice of Liability to the international criminals.